Fort Amol is a Skyrim map made for Minecraft. The whole map is based on Fort Amol that you can find in the Skyrim video game.

In Skyrim, you can find Fort Amol in the Southwest Eastmarch , northeast of Ivarstead, slightly off of the road to Whiterun.

Creator: Pvm_Cody
Client Version: 1.12

The courtyard features a forge, a workbench and an alchemy lab. Inside the fort proper, there is a cellar that features an arcane enchanter, the book Catalogue of Armor Enchantments, several potions, and an adept-locked chest that contains Novice Robes of Restoration.

A Shrine of Julianos is located near the alchemy lab, which may indicate that the mages are his followers.

You’ll need Skyrim Resource Pack and Custom Tree Repository to play this map.


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