Similar to Skyblock, Super Hostile, Rpg game and inspired by borderlands 2 and diablo III this map has crazy loots and crazy monster available for you to pick fight with! Sky Survival Map is a big map that boast 15 hours of gameplay! Also worth to mention that this map has a lot of artifacts, loot and butter gold.

GenreSurvival Map
Developer cowmonkey


You are the commander, of the international space fleet called, GC – 265, you are going on a mission, to defeat the green creatures, that inhabit The islands of junara, all of the sudden you hear a hissssss… boom! then there is smoke coming from one of your main engines, the engine then catches on fire, and explodes, killing all your crew members. You are the only exception. You then grab some supplies, and dive out of the ship towards the sky islands, of junara.

Be prepared for an epic journey. against… The islands! Or creepers maybe


Sky Survival Map Download

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