What’s more frightening than having Shrek trolling you around? The Shrekoning map features Shrek himself in this creepy spooky horror puzzle map.

There’s a story behind this creepy map. You were once involved in a drug manufacturing company as a drug tester, something obviously went wrong as you went into coma for a century long. When you woke up, you seem a bit green and much uglier than usual.

Creator: winkatawink
Client Version: 1.7 above

You are given a pumpkin hat to maximize the gameplay experience which is fitting with this Halloween month. To start the game you have to press an ogre looking button. You are not allowed to break any blocks and the map requires its own custom texture pack to run.

Shrekoning map is 30mb big in size that’s partly due to its resource pack that comes with the zip package. Oh did I mention it’s a single player map? Well now you know.

The Shrekoning download

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