The Sheeple Experience!


The Sheeple Experience is a minecraft map.. Of what genre? I honestly do not know. Let’s talk about the meaning of “Sheeple” first.

I think it’s safe to assume that it’s about “Sheep” and “People” and when combining those two criteria, “herd” is what comes to mind.

Or it could be something along the line ” I’m feeling very Sheepish ” as if you wanted to be a mutated sheep.

Creator: Golgot100
Client Version: 1.8

So what could this map be about.. is it survival, horror or ctm ? Still honestly I have no idea but on the official thread on minecraftforum it did mention something along the line play it in adventure mode or something.

Gahh why do you guys must make me write a review of this map? I mean what the heck do you want to know anyway just download it and play!

Oh and there’s a trailer video up there if you haven’t notice.

Sheeple Experience Map Download

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