Seeing is Believing map is just like its name, you have to see it to believe it. The map is probably the biggest and baddest MCPE map existed right now with all kinds of building and function all in one map!

According to players it took hours to discover all farms, dungeon, buildings, caverns, traps, mazes, ore banks, and rooms.

developer:Creep Digger and T. Stinson-
Version: iPad / Android

There are tons of stuff to explore and discover in SIB and believe me when I say this is the first MCPE map that contains so many rooms and structures. Among the stuff available for explore is listed below and the list is taken originally from developer himself.

Available Structures

  • 2 Master bedrooms with full bath, closet, and equipped chests
  • Full kitchen with fully stocked chests of food and ingredients to make virtually anything fit to eat
  • Dining room with fireplace
  • Bathroom on main level
  • Full library on top floor
  • Medical lab
  • Classroom on top floor
  • Throne and ceremonial sanctuary
  • Clergy quarters and lounge
  • Basement stock room with over 100 chests that are labeled and richly loaded
  • Basement cafeteria
  • Officer’s quarters x2 with kitchen
  • Basement bathroom
  • Mineshaft Entrance to strip mines
  • Catacomb Entrance
  • Attached, large, multitier mob trap that is very efficient and convenient as you can collect the items of fallen mobs as you exit your castle from the basement.
  • Strip mine is accessible via the castle basement.
  • The mine below has a central structure with chests loaded with tools and made of obsidian to protect from mobs.
  • All strips are already mapped with doors. The user can just go below grab a tool and start stripping. Couldn’t be easier.
  • Theatre
  • HUGE Library below
  • Large office and executive rooms

Surrounding the castle are many fun and useful structures.

  • A large connected pool, waterslides, and fountain.
  • Marketplace (a blacksmith, a produce seller, and bakery)
  • A farm with every available farm product (melons, sugarcane, and wheat)
  • Farm animals below ground but protected by glass above.
  • One unattached, multitier, and efficient mob trap. Many items per minute fall and can be collected.
  • Bank Business
  • Produce Business
  • Blacksmith Business
  • School
  • Saloon
  • General Store (mostly stocked)
  • Bakery Stand
  • 4 Neighboring homes
  • Neighboring farm
  • Museum

Inside castle, catacombs , tunnels and secrets.

  • Soldier’s training and bunk area
  • Supplies Annex
  • Large library
  • A huge maze!!! The maze is made completely of obsidian and there are posted instructions for hours of fun.
  • Tunnels lead to many structures above such as a prison, farm, farm house, significant map locations, etc…
  • Secret ore plunders

Seeing is Believing


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