As the name implies, School Escape is an escape room adventure map made for Minecraft.

It contains puzzles and riddles you need to solves and win the map.

There is no enemies, combat nor challenges as your only task is to escape the school.

Creator : homunculus84

Client Version : 1.16.5



– Must Play in adventure mode

– Must set Brightness to 50%

– Command blocks must be enabled

– Use either Lithos texture pack or vanilla


The game has hints if you’re stuck but however you are not recommended to use it as figuring it out yourself is much more fun.

– Read every book

– Think logically, there is no pure trial and error

– Check your advancements if you are stuck

– Location of the pieces of paper


The link to Lithos texture pack is down due to ddos attack , so you are advised to use vanilla minecraft.


School Escape Download

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