Scaredy Cat is like its name. A map where everyone is scared of a mystery cat.

Scaredy cat is a horror map made for minecraft 1.8. It’s been a while since we have any horror map and I’m loving this one. You can read the lore below

Creator: Team_Mystica
Client Version: 1.8


Day 1: This manor is pretty good. The service is great and we love the food. There’s something off about it though? Something… off-putting?

Day 2: This place is HUGE! Everyone has noted that it’s a bit unsetlling, but I’m sure that will pass. However, it’s awfully cold. The bathroom sends chills down my spine.

Day 3: There are strange sounds coming from the basement… I hope they get it fixed soon. This place is giving me the creeps.

Day 5: A girl appeared in our bedroom this morning… whispering something like “kitty”? We’re assuming she’s one of the owner’s daughters… we need to figure it out.

Day 12: I feel like I’m losing my mind. I can’t take this anym-

Kitty wants to play…


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