Minecraft Ruins of The Mindcrackers 2 Map is a sequal of the same titled map aka : Ruins of The Mindcrackers by Joel . Minecraft Ruins of The Mindcrackers Map is suitable for those that doesn’t want to grind their guts out and just wanted to explore and utilize the map. This is a multiplayer map and requires less grinding unless you play with more than 4 people.


Map Info

– Linear brancing
– Anti Grinding Chests
– More custom spawners.
– Reference Books at each special item, etc.
– Medium
– Good teleportation system at the start instead of waiting 4 versions for a good TP system.
– Better looking areas.
– Each area are going to be pretty big, the first intersection is epic Posted Image
– Skull monument with a neat feature.
– A ton of custom items & armor.
– Nice balance curve.


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