RPG Craft Map


Minecraft RPGCraft boast as the best and the only true RPG map minecraft has. The map allows you to buy and sell items with villagers, train skills and survive fighting the beast using only the equipment you got.

There are 4 class available for you to pick which is warroior, archer, fisher and miner and only one town where you can train your skills. There are 3 villages, the Main Town, Craftbay and the Floating Castle.

Developer: angelboy777
Client: 1.7.x and 1.6.4 above

You are given 3 custom house where you can build or destroy for fun. Right now the only skills available is fishing, fighting and mining, more will come soon once developer updated the map.

You can train your skill at training spot is in Craftbay and the Tree Farm. However this map ain’t free from bugs and if you die, you might see some weird stuff going on.

Common rules applied to this map

  • DO NOT BREAK ANY BLOCKS unless told
  • NO Cheating
  • Don’t kill villages
  • No glitching through buildings
  • Jumping out of the spawn box can kill you and you will respawn with nothing

Rpgcraft Map


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