Getting bored of playing alone, no maps given you the satisfaction? How about playing with robots instead? Robot Wars is a map where you could robots do a death battle against other ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARMORSTAND ROBOT .

Each robots has its own artificial intelligence, they would move differently and attack differently so no battle would be the same.

Creator: phoenix7778
Client Version : 1.8

The Armorstand Robot has two types – VenomBot and SparkleBot. Once you made your choices the bots will appear in the arena, patrol the arena and fight once they caught their eyes on their enemies.

“Enemies” as in you could create as many dofus Robots as you wanted.

There’s a gambling system for you to bet, customize set skills, a battle shop and custom set of rules features included.

What makes it more interesting is that this is a minecraft multiplayer online map where you could invite your friends as an opponent bots creator.


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