Rise of the Gods is designed entirely around it’s storyline, rather than the series of puzzles and encounters stuck together with glue, which seems to be the case for most adventure maps. I wanted to raise the bar in the storyline Minecraft can endulge, and I hope you enjoy this new take on an adventure map.

Genre Adventure

Featuring very little combat or puzzles, Rise of the Gods is closer to a classic “Choose your own Adventure” book than a traditional map, so if loads of text isn’t your thing, then back out now. However, if you do enjoy a good story, then I think you should give this series a shot.

Set in a Steampunk fantasy world, Rise of the Gods follows the story of a group of war veterans struggling to come to terms with their roles in the aftermath of the bloodiest war in human history, as a new threat rises from the shadows, and threatens the lives of everyone on the planet. As the threat of cataclysm looms ever closer, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a mass-murderer, a unhinged detective, a fervent patriot, and an enemy of the state.


Download Minecraft Rise Of The Gods 1
Download Minecraft Rise Of The Gods 2

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