Replica Mini Game


Minecraft Replica is a mini-game map that was made for multi-player in mind but is playable on single-player too.

The game concept is to replicate a given picture and if you fail to replicate it within the given time, you will lose a life and if you happens to die you will be sent off to spectator view. The same would happen if you were disconnected during game-play.

If a player leave the game, they will be automatically eliminated.

Developer: MlakussInMC
Client: 1.8 and above only

Every player are given their own canvas where they shall have to copy and replicate pictures. The map is playable up to 10 multi-players, so it’s either going to be super fun or super lag to play with.

The game allows you to force the map to pick a player to draw the picture and the number of lives can be changed from 1 to 5 to make it more interesting. The time limit is change-able too.

The map comes in two files, the standard version and server version.

MP Replica
Replica Server


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