Redstone Tutorial Map


Even after playing minecraft for more than 2 years now I am still clueless of Redstone functions and how to use them. Finally someone decided that they wanted to make a tutorial map to those who is still learning how to play the game.

Genre: Tutorial
Version: 1.7.2
Developer: steved

The map teaches you of everything from how long a redstone signal will travel to how to use command blocks or how to make a computer that will multiply its numbers. However the map is still in its Alpha state and only covers a few beginner redstone guide. Steved is currently working on logic gates and we’ll see an update for this map soon.

Of course there is bunch of tutorial guide written on internet but this map is doing it the fun way, instead of reading you could play and learn all about redstone. If I had to choose, I’d rather play than read 😛


Redstone Tutorial Map 0.2a

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