Redshift is a horror map , a continuation from good ending in “The Contagion”.

Previously we posted “The Contagion” , it is advisable that you play that first before playing Redshift. Otherwise you might find some parts of the story hard to understand.

Client Version1.11 , 1.12

 After escaping from the town and to the gas station you called for help, you managed to get some assistance from the nearby police and were nice enough to drive you home.

Turns out as expected, the drivers slept halfway and got in to a car accident, along with you. Before, you thought it was all over, but now, your so-called “unscheduled walk” has just begun.

Unlike The Contagion, Redshift is playable on both 1.11 and 1.12 minecraft version. This gives user more option at least.

The story is thrilling and fun for horror lovers. DO try it

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