Rebound GTA Adventure map


Rebound is a GTA styled adventure map with a unique storyline and huge town to explore.

After being in a prison for 3 years you were finally released. The day you got out the world has change so much with many possibilities for you to do.

Many quest, adventures and fights you could undertake as you stroll by every inch and part of the town.

Creator: McMakistein
Client Version: 1.8.8

What will you do, be a new better person or be a new gangster in town…

Rebound is a single player map that took more than 2 years to make. The town is huge, with deep quest lying in almost every NPC you met, just like the real GTA game.

-Renderdistance: 8
-FOV: 90
-Master Volume: 50%
-Particles: All

Rebound zip file (20mb)


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