Radioactive Minecraft


Radioactive Minecraft is a unique survival map where you start in a 1×1 box and it expand 1 blocks in every 15 minutes.

The world will never stop expanding which means by an hour you’ll have a village, temples , dungeon and so on and since it’s a survival map there is no goal .

Creator: Tomsbananacakes
Client Version: 1.11

However you do have ender dragon to fight.

Challenge: Get All Achievements

– Craft a full set of tools
– Craft a dispenser
– Tame 5 wolves
– Eat a cooked porkchop
– Play for 100 Minecraft days
– Obtain 30 emeralds
– Craft and place a flower Pot
– Craft and place a sign
– Eat a piece of rotten flesh
– Use shears to obtain wool from a sheep
– Gather all 16 colors of wool
– Swim in lava with the fire resistance effect
– Obtain 27 stacks of cobblestone
– Smelt wood with charcoal
– Play a record with a jukebox
– Create an iron golem
– Wear a full set of iron armor
– Cure a zombie villager
– Tame an ocelot
– Kill a creeper with arrows
– Dye all 4 pieces of leather armor
– Bounce 30 blocks off a slime block
– Kill a mob while wearing the same type of mob head
– Place 9 fully explored maps into a 3×3 square
– Use a hopper to move an item from a chest minecart to a chest
– Connect 3 chests to a furnace using 3 hoppers
– Poison a witch with a splash potion
– Push a piston with a piston, then pull the original piston with that piston
– Tame a horse
– Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey
– Kill 2 monsters in a row without dying
– Kill 5 monsters in a row without dying
– Take 100 damage in a single mob fight
– Kill 2 monsters with a bow and arrow
– Kill a monster while starving
– Find a dungeon
– Stay underwater for 2 minutes
– Eat a piece of cooked rabbit meat
– Kill an elder guardian
– Smelt a wet sponge
– Fuel a furnace with a bucket of lava
– Craft a shovel
– Craft an axe
– Smelt a gold ingot
– Mine coal
– Mine redstone
– Mine lapis lazuli
– Mine an emerald
– Mine nether quartz
– Breed two sheep with wheat
– Breed two pigs with carrots
– Breed two chickens with seeds
– Breed two rabbits with dandelions
– Obtain a full set of gold tools
– Obtain a full set of wood tools
– Obtain a full set of stone tools
– Obtain a full set of iron tools
– Obtain a full set of diamond tools
– Eat a cooked mutton
– Eat a piece of steak
– Eat a cooked chicken
– Go 100 Minecraft days without dying
– Wear a full set of leather armor
– Wear a full set of gold armor
– Wear a full set of chain armor
– Wear a full set of diamond armor



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