Project Zelda [Episode 1] is an adventure map made for Minecraft.

Unlike any other Zelda maps we have published on internet for minecraft, this map is an original Zelda map which is a full game map with its own storyline, dungeons and world.

Which means NOPEname made his own Zelda story and world for us to play.

Client Version 1.14.4

If you watch its trailer video you’ll know that it’s a fun unique inteactive gameplay with custom mobs and beautiful world designs.

The map Features:
-custom NPCs you can talk to
-custom enemies that behave very differently compared to default Minecraft mobs
-custom items like the boomerang, which works just like you would expect!

Despite having all those, the map file is pretty small around 50mb big.

Also recommended to play this map with Optifine and Sildur Vibrant Shader.

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