Project: Central High School of The Dead


Project: Central is a big high school map where you have to survive from zombies and monster and escape from the hellish ground .

Project: Central map is made based on a real High School in Keller, Texas. There were nearly 200 rooms in the school which connected by hallways that branches throughout the buildings.

Creator: Vaaldraem
Client Version: 1.8

Your aim is to escape without breaking the windows , safely out of the school using rooms and ways given. Clues and notes are available inside game to guide you of which way to escape. There will be loot, weapon and stuff scattered everywhere in school for you to kill zombies.

If you have played this map before, it has now been updated from old version to the latest version 1.8 with minimal remakes in its design. The floor, walls, carpets, lighting and monster spawn has been fixed for the better.
This video is based of the older version.

There is also mini games inside the school such as jumping puzzles, mazes, archery range, and even mini-golf.

No mods or texture pack required to play this. You could use whatever texture pack you wanted. If you play this map thoroughly it could take you 5 hours to finish the storyline.


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