Prison Escape HARDCORE


Prison Escape HARDCORE is a survival escape game map made for Minecraft.

Creator: Gaminggames
Client Version:1.14

Try and escape out of the prison your way! You can work, earn coins and buy every contraband item that you desiere or stealthly kill the prison guards and fight your way out. Its all up to you! Notice that the game is based on the indiegame “The   Escapist”.

So like the story says this map is based of “The Escapist” pc game.

There are many ways you could try to escape but if you don’t know how to do so you can get your tips from the library.

But the tips aren’t for free , you’ll need to buy it. So is contraband, you need money to buy contraband.

In order to gain coins you’ll have to work during working period.

Espect this map to fully work like “The Escapist” pc game.


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