Prism Retrieval is a mini game challenge map made for Minecraft.

Prism Retrieval is a team based competition mini game map. You and along side up to 4 friends via minecraft online multiplayer session must fight against the other team, to reach the top of the mountain to claim the Prism power.

You have to be the first to get to the crane of Prism.


  • Teams collect three distinct types of resources: Metal, Battery, and Catalyst.
  • Metal: Weave through the Metal Mines while collecting ore and defending against wandering monsters!
  • Battery: Charge batteries by placing them near strategically-placed lightning rods. Try not to get struck!
  • Catalyst: Release your inner chemist by grabbing recipes and brewing the right components.
  • When a team has enough of each resource type, they may press the button in their crane to advance up the mountain. Default resource requirement is 10 each.
  • At levels 3 and 7, players are pulled into an Interlude and spawned in the
  • Arena in a fight to the death. When a player gets a kill, the surviving player siphons resources from the losing player’s team, allowing an underdog victory or a top-team acceleration.
  • Once a team reaches level 10, it’s game over. Pressing the button in the center of the spawn ship resets the game for another match!

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