Post Apocalyptic CTM Map

Probably too easy to some but still a fun map

Minecraft Post Apocalyptic is a CTM genre which is set in a ruined city overrun by monster. This is the first map attemp made by EyeoftheEnder3784 so there are some quirks here and there.

According to EyeoftheEnder3784 Post Apocalyptic is an open world map with linear storyline, is fairly an easy map and is very forgiving in death. This makes it suitable for those who wanted to play CTM and have a bit of easy game-play and fun.

The whole theme is scavenging for survival in a destroyed urban cit. Players will have to scavenge for supplies through chests in buildings, however the wool areas aren’t too bad. It will always be nigh-time in map and that means mobs are everywhere.

The developer mention that he used Kamyu’s random chest program to make things interesting in looting stuff from skycrapers and apartments buildings.

Developer: EyeoftheEnder3784
Version: Playable on 1.7.9 above

Post-Apocalyptic CTM v1.0


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