This is one of the funniest pokemon map I’ve played so far and the only map I found without needs of any Pokemon mods.

Genre: Adventure
Version: 1.7.4
Developer: deathball13

Intro Review

You woke up in the middle of the night and as tired as you are you decided to get a drink. You walked through a long hall and feels very tired, a part of you regrets walking through these long hallway and you felt like you needed the sleep more but then you heard someone calling your name.

You then realized that you must be dreaming since the hallway seems too long and when you actually arrived in the kitchen you gasp in disbelieve and realize that you are dreaming. A voice coming from nowhere calls you again and tells you that they are bored and needed a special trainer to play with.

Forgetting the fact that you are thirsty earlier, you reach a gateway where the voice keep calling for you. Suddenly, you blackout and when you woke up you are in a strange cavern. Something’s feels weird.. You took your hands up , shocked and disbelief you searched your body and realize that you are now a POKEMON!!!

Pokemon adventure map has its own texture pack, use it to get the best experience in game-play.

texture pack 43mb

Ultimate Pokemon Adventure_2


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