Players Vs Zombies is like a tower defense game. This is exactly like a copy of Plant vs Zombies game for Android and PS4.

if you spawn outside the map, around you there should be
a stone button next to a sign. /setworldspawn doesnt work for some reason :\

Players vs Zombies!

PVZ is a Plants vs Zombies like map where you use iron golems and Snowmen to win!
This is my first map submission so expect bugs!

How to Play.
To the Right of the iron door is a button saying Begin the Invasion. click that
to begin.

Every few seconds you will earn a Golden Nugget. use this to buy access to the door using
the Hopper to the left.

Client Version1.14,1.15

Zombies target iron golems, Snowmen and of course, Villagers!
Make sure to have a worthy Defense as Zombies can push past Iron golems.
Every few spawns, zombies can stack up at the city.

Skeletons only target Iron Golems and Snowmen.
use Snowmen to your advantage to deal with them!
Skeletons stack up at the city too.

Iron golems are your best defender in this situation where a zombie is coming for Brains!
You can plant them in 9 Different areas/3 places on 3 rows. They take awhile to die
but can be killed by Skeletons.

Snowmen are mainly used for dealing with skeletons but they cost 3 Golden nuggets too.
Remember that they can be killed in only a few shots and can target Zombies too!

Reset button is known to sometimes not work due to /setblock being buggy
Iron Golems can sometimes just randomly die
/Setworldspawn never works.


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