Planetary Confinement – The Dunes is an adventure map that has about 2000×2000 custom terrain area for you to explore.

This map has a lot of unique feature as it combines elements of Crash Landing, Starbound and a few other games, but entirely made with Vanilla Minecraft. Which is why it can only be played on minecraft version 1.8.3 and above only.

Creator: samasaurus6
Client Version : 1.8.3

The custom terrains and 2000x square areas has a lot of hidden treasures, achievement , quest and random events. It also boast a unique Hydration and Temperature system which requires sunlight to operate.

As usual with this type of grand map there will be final bosses – 2 of them and lots of custom items.

Map comes in 4 types, Easy – Easy LC – Hard – Hard LC and it also supports minecraft online multiplayer.

Download Planatery Confinement

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