Perhaps, The Last is a custom adventure minecraft map .

This is a big custom map with storylines not being told. You are free to roam and adventure around the world.

I wish they told me more info so I could narrate more but there’s nothing to say about the story-lines.

Creator: rsmalec ,ABrightmoore, ,Bongotezz,Creator868,CDFDMAN,ColdFusionGaming,cpm4001, Faume, , Fellonius ,Feylina ,GhostVortex,GrannyGamer1,jGazMom,Jigarbov ,QMagnet ,UnlikelyWaffle

Client Version: 1.12

Made for the minecraft version 1.12 , you can’t play this map on version under it. Some parts of the map mechanism might not work.

some parts of the map has weather mechanism like snow falling. You can find out more by checking on its Youtube video trailer.


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