Pennsylvania Town in Spring is a pvp map and is based of the real Pennsylvania town in Spring season.

This map which is created by JBurd83 is build to replicate the town of Pennsylvania and it’s surrounding towns.

Creator: JBurd83
Client Version: 1.13

What includes in the town is : massive hotel and resort, downtown including Wendy’s, gas station, tire shop, grocery store, a bunch of small shops and restaurants, city hall, police, fire station, post office, bank, high school with baseball and football fields, city park with two soft ball fields, two single family homes, and a farm to rent horses.

The map is a preset for Purge, a pvp game. Recommended player is 6 but you could play as many as you want.

Once the game is started you will be given a set amount of inventory items and teleported to a random place. Then you will have to hunt your enemy.


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