This is a sequel to the previous Payday The Heist map that we posted before.

The End Game has about 7 different heist available for you this time and 4 of them are level based which means you will need to complete a set of heist before you are able to get to the 4 hidden heist.

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Xander369

This time the developer Xander369, has included Animated Texture packs, Custom Sounds, item shops, and Custom mobs in this map. There is over 20 Achievements with 1-3 hours of game play depending on our play style.

There will be 3 new major locations where you will be completing your heists (Washington, Shanghai, Las Vegas). And there is Easter eggs too. According to Xander369, all of the texture, buildings , scenery are build within the highest quality builds.

End Game is playable with single player and up to 4 coop multi-player. Of course the heist is base playable with friends- recommended by me :D. Map size is big about 64mb as it has custom mobs and resource pack included, however player is still required to use Soartex Texture Pack with it.

The Heist

  • ART GALLERY: sneak into the art gallery and steal 4 paintings marked with a sold sticker
  • SHANGHAI: climb city towers to steal an old mans ancient swords on New Year’s Eve
  • BIG OIL: go into the wilderness to find a house protected by the secret service whom are protecting an expensive secret
  • FBI: sneak into the FBI main building to steal a sever with information on it about you
  • FRAMING FRAME:frame US Senator and steal his gold from his Washington apartment
  • BREAKING VEGAS: travel to Las Vegas and Rob a casino in style or you can just play the house.
  • ENDGAME: You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Minecraft Payday 2 End Game Adventure Map

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