Panoris: Origins – Episode 1 Kate’s Story


Panoris: Origins – Episode 1 Kate’s Story is a story driven Horror map made for Minecraft.

Three years ago a school called Panoris High closed down for good after a event that is called the second tragedy within the local community and by the former students of the high school. One of those former students is Kate.

After she went to a trauma clinic for the past 8 years she decided to go back to the now abandoned school Panoris High. To find out what happened 8 years ago which have been come to known as the first tragedy of Panoris High.

This is the first chapter of a 3 chapter map. The timeframe of each map is around 30 minutes.

What good about it is that it has deep and rich storylines with multiple endings which will make the map has high replay value.

The school is a big playground where you can explore its creepiness. There’s also extra lore spreads all over the schools for you to find.


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