Panoris High


Panoris High is a horror map inspired by corpse party video game. It also supports minecraft online multiplayer session so you won’t be scared alone!

Panoris ia an atmospheric and story driven horror map which takes 2.5 hours long of game-play time. You need to solve unsolved mysteries of Panoris to escape the school!

Creator: Fallen__Legend
Client Version: 1.12

Since its corpse party inspired, the theme is about escaping the high school. Here’s the storyline:

You play as Skyler a 15-year-old student from Newlan high. After going on a schooltrip you lost your class and meanwhile it started to become dark.

So you went trough the woods to find a shelter for the night. After walking trough the woods for several hours you finally found an abandoned school where you can stay for the night called Panoris.

However when you explore the school you slowly find out this isn’t just an abandoned school. This school has a dark and tragic past what you slowly but surely discover.

Will you find your way back out and discover the dark past of Panoris and its students?



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