Want something scary to play this holiday ? Pandemonium is a Horror map especially made for Halloween is playable only on minecraft version 1.7.2. According to the designer of this map LarryGoesMining, Pandemonium is a single player map that only takes 10-15 minutes gameplay.

The whole map is gloomy horror looking with shocking development. However this map isn’t just like any normal map, it has a twisted storytelling behind it that will give shock you at the end. Worth trying and I’m giving this map my 4/5 stars.


How to Install

  • -Open up %appdata%
  • -Browse to .minecraft/saves
  • -Drag and drop Pandemonium map folder into saves.
  • -Now browse to .minecraft/resourcepacks
  • -Drag and drop Pandemonium Resource Pack.zip into the resourcepacks folder.
  • -Run Minecraft 1.7.2, go to settings/resource packs, and select Pandemonium Resource Pack.
  • -Load the map. Posted Image

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