Minecraft Oceanblock Survival 4.0 Map is from the same person who made Minecraft Skyblock Map.


  • How do I get cobblestone? Where’s the Lava?
  • Until you get to the Nether, there IS NONE. This is not Skyblock, no matter how similar it appears on the surface.
  • Anything you can do with cobblestone, you can do with wood, except maybe holding lava.
  • What about Iron?
  • Iron is a renewable resource, and getting it is one of your goals. If you do the challenges in order you’ll get iron in no time.
  • What about Whithers? I bet you didn’t think about those.
  • I did, but they only spawn in Nether Fortresses and I was not able to find any indication as to how, in the code, the game determines whether or not you’re in a fortress. If such information comes my way, I will happily add Whithers to the map and release a 4.1 update.
  • Your map is dumb and you’re dumb and how can you mine diamond without iron you dummy.
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but you’ll need iron to mine diamonds.


  • Do NOT purposely kill yourself to regenerate your health. Food can be sparse to begin with, but between apples and rotten meat (hey, it’s an emergency!) you should be fine. With luck, a villager will tade you some melon slices. And you can always use bonemeal on the grass to get wheat seeds, or the mushrooms to make stew.
  • NO Mods, Hacks, Flying, etc. No going to LAN mode to turn cheats on. If a mod doesn’t help (optifine and the like) that’s fine. But nothing that will make this easier.
  • Play on at least easy difficulty. You need those mob drops anyway.
  • Post pictures of your achievements and progress, or even better link here to your Let’s Play video! I WILL watch it if it’s in English, and I’ll Like and Subscribe to everybody who does a Let’s Play.


Minecraft Oceanblock Map 4.0


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