Nightmare Survival


Nightmare Survival is a minecraft survival map which for some reason you couldn’t fall asleep because random waves of mobs would attack you at night if you happen to fall asleep.

Don’t you guys get tired by the same parkour map popping like a mushroom everywhere lately? Well I do and I have been trying my best to find survival map with horror and mystery theme. They are rare these days and when you did found one, they were really good. Example would be The Orphanage Horror or A Letter From Silent Heaven.

Developer: Nighttmaire
Client: 1.7 above

Now Nightmare Survival isn’t exactly a horror mystery map, however it does has the scary theme built in and it’s a survival mode. Build for 1.7 and 1.8 in mind, every night, there is a possibility of one of 12 different events occurring, and you must be prepared for any eventuality.

Means if you don’t prepared for it, you end up dead. However, the good thing about dying is that you wont lose your equipments or loots, but you would be paying a fee whenever you respawn. The fees are ; An iron ingot, a gold ingot, a diamond or 5 levels will allow you to respawn.

There are 3 different version of map in Nightmare Survival.

  1. Easy will have a 1 in 3 chance of an event occurring
  2. Normal is a 50/50 chance of an event occurring.
  3. Hard is a 100% chance of an event occurring.


  1. No sleeping! The map is reliant on spawn points and night time – please do not break the map.
  2. Do not break any blocks in the basement, as it would be bad for your progress.
  3. Above the Mansion is a big bedrock box. Do not build to it. It has the redstone inside.
  4. If you are travelling through a forest and see a bedrock wall, do not climb it. It is part of an event.
  5. Building another house is allowed, but the mansion must stay standing.
  6. Have fun!

Nightmare Survival – Easy
Nightmare Survival – Hard

Nightmare Survival – Normal


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