Mystery of The Time Keeper


Mystery of The Time Keeper is an adventure map made especially for minecraft version 1.8+ snapshot version. It is design for 1-2 player game-play.

As usual with any adventure game, there will also be puzzles that need solving. You must find out what had happened to the flow of time and how it affected the villagers of the Clock Tower. Be the savior or the destroyer for this mystery.

Genre: Adventure
Version: 1.8+
Developer: Azzer and Weeble

The map is not playable for people using version below 1.8+ so don’t bother downloading this if you are not on that version.

File size is quite big, around 30mb but that’s a given since the Clock Tower village are very well made. I personally love the tower and enjoy its surrounding scenery view.


  1. Despite being designed for 2 player max, the map does support small group of player ( 4 players )
  2. Command block must be enabled for servers
  3. Play in peaceful mode
  4. Only play in Adventure mode. Survival or Creative mode is prohibited
  5. Don’t alter the settings available currently
  6. Must read the books in the starter cave .
  7. Keep the “Token List” book with you – this will be an invaluable tool in finding the hidden tokens found throughout the map

Time Keeper Zip

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