Mysterious Island CTM


Minecraft Mysterious Island is a Survival CTM map made based on a french novel by Jules Verne. The story is about a group of people abandon on an island called Lincoln Island.

The island was made with same information as novel and you will be free to roam and explore the map exactly to detail as the book prescribe.

Developer: GansIlia

1. Gather all 16 blocks of wool and area it on the Monument.
2. You might use any mode other than Peaceful (ideally using Normal).
3. You could break blocks, craft products and do everything that is not prohibited by these policies.
4. Not permitted to utilize cheats or mods which alter the game-play.
5. Not permitted to craft/collect from sheep/cheat Wool for the Monument (you should discover it in chests).
6. Not enabled to leave the map border (there is a void anyhow).
7. Not enabled to break the “Monument for Wool” and any Redstone schemes.
8. It is not suggested to make use of commands such as / tp, / home and / spawn (if it makes the game easy).

Mysterious Island 1.7.2 above
Mysterious Island 1.6.2


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