Custom Boss Collection 2 is a map where all kind of custom boss is created and collected in one big map so you could have your boss fight without going through any storylines.

Creator: McTsts, EnderPig, Booty156156, Aequalis_, Rafakado & Mattscarp
Client Version: 1.9

It’s rare to see so many creators making one map but that’s what makes this a good custom map. Not only it has custom boss, it has custom weapons, resource pack , items and classes.

Do note though some of the classes requires you to unlock it by defeating boss.

You can play this with friends as it supports minecraft online multiplayer .

Features : Shadow, EnderPig, Riker, Queen, King, Mushroom Skeleton, Killer Rabbit, McTsts, Rachael, The Joker, derSimlas, EnderLord, Gravel King & Zombie_1


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