Murder in The Dark


Murder in The Dark is a fun multiplayer games where you can choose to be detectives, murderer or a player.

The game starts with the Murderer has to kill someone in 500 seconds. Once someone is killed, the Detective has to find victim’s body in 2 minutes. Once he finds the body they will all be ported to a voting room where he has to choose which players is the real Murderer.

It’s game over if he choose correctly but if he choose the wrong guy, the game will continue another round and the Murderer is now a serial killer!

When the game begins, each of the players are assigned a role and they are given randomly. There is one Murderer, One Detective, and the rest of the players are Players.

Developer: DJmusic
Client Version: 1.8

There are 7 different maps in this mini-game


  1. Scary Mansion (Mansion)
  2. Voyager III (Voyager)
  3. Covered Forest (Forest)
  4. Dungeons in the Depths (Dungeon)
  5. Graveyard (Grave)
  6. The Ghostly Hotel of Terror (Hotel)
  7. Mayan Ruins (Mayan)

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