Muk Luk Lodge is a minecraft open world map which is similar to Animal Crossing 3DS game.

In Muk-Luk, you can go on an adventure or interact with townsfolk ( animal alike ) or do some mischief. Which ever is your choice we do not judge.

Creator: VoxelBox
Client Version : 1.8

There are many activities for you to do and just like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, this activities requested by the townsfolk. How is this any different from doing a Quest? Activity is something like a competition where you may succeed or lose while Quest is something you must complete no matter what.

If you are not interested with exploring and adventuring you could always join the storyline series in town.

Did I mention that it has its own server and supports minecraft online multiplayer session?

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  1. download link still wont work I see your previous conversation but still even if I reload the page it sends me to an error no url screen


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