Monsters’ Industries 3.1


Monsters’ Industries 3.1 is originally made by NoobiOri and YMbrothers however this one is an improved version and were made to be playable on minecraft 1.13.

Monsters’ Industries is a fast-paced, adrenaline rush challenge against your opponents to be the first to make it to the top!

Client Version 1.13

Earn cash and tokens fast, Trade for monsters, and use them to attack your opponents to earn Stock! First of two teams to reach the stock limit wins the game!

New version 3.0 introduces tons of exciting changes and updates to Monsters’ Industries!

  •     -Custom Mobs
  •     -Reintroduction of the Wither
  •     -Upgradable Generators
  •     -Custom Armor & Tools
  •     -Border Defending Turrets
  •     -End-Game DEATHMATCH!

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