Remember Monster Inc the movie where 2 monster made one cute girl laugh and powered the whole monster world ? Monster Industries here is made based on that movie and made a pretty damn well online multiplayer map too..

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  • This map has been recently updated to 1.13.1 so that it’s playable on the latest minecraft version.

    Creator: MrFoogy
    Client Version : 1.8 , 1.13.1

    In Monster Industries you have to move between plates back and forth to chop / sign papers. And then you need to collect Coal, Gunpowder, Bone and Spider Eyes and paper resources to produced monster eggs.

    There are many varieties of monster eggs that you could pick such as Skeleton, Creepers, Blaze and Ghast. Different monster requires different resources .

    Once you have your monster egg and created your monster armies, it’s time to infiltrate your enemy company and attack!

    To win the game you must get your company stock value rise to 1000.

    Since this is a PVP , it requires a max of 3 person per team. There are only 2 companies in this map so that would be 6 player max.


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