Minimalistic is another find the button map made for minecraft. What, you have enough with ‘find the button’ type of map ? Not Minimalistic though. You’ve got to give this one a try.

Minimalistic is a puzzle minigame map which is simple, full of logic and experience. By logic it means that it’s not just going up a stairs and by experience it means that every levels has a story.

Creator: Scrillrock
Client Version: 1.12.1

like any other similar map you win when you found the button, press it and move on to the next level. It is sometimes hidden in ways you couldn’t imagine.

What’s unique about Minimalistic is that there are only 2 colors per level and there are 20 levels in this map.

You’ll need to use jumping skills, solves some puzzles and understand the personality of the room.


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  1. Thank you for posting my map here and for the positive review in the description, I really appreciate that! =D

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