Murder in Minecraft is a 3 to 8 player PvP minigame made for 1.8 the latest snapshot version .

The map features a few unique game-play system similar to Steam’s Garry Mods. It uses revolvers and ammunition which can only be pick up by Bystanders and if the Bystanders killed an innocent players, they will drop the secret weapons.

In this game only the murderer can use a knife and the knife is throw-able and will kill Bystander on impact, so Bystanders has to be on a tip-toe all the time.

Developer: todicus
client: 1.8

A hints will be given throughout the maps, the clues given if collected by Bystander can be used to buy weapons (revolvers), and if the Bystander happens to be killed and the clues are taken by the murderer, murderer can mask their disguise which makes them harder to detect.

Another unique system for this map is that you can bind footprints for murderer and Bystanders using the custom resource pack addon included with the map.


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