Minecraft Zombies: School is a survival arcade-arena like map made for Minecraft.

If you’re looking for Call Of Duty like map against a zombie then this is the one for you.

Creator: daveDAVE25

Client Version: 1.14

This map has waves of waves of zombie attacking the school, think something like High School of Zombie manga theme.

Your job is to survive and annihilate all zombies as many as you can.


-Fully-operational zombie spawn-wave system
-Fully-operational item machines… the more XP levels you have, the more items you can buy!
-Game difficulty increases as the rounds go on
-Designed for 1-5 players
-Different doors open up to different parts of the map
-Fully-detailed internal and external model
-A challenging environment for you and your friends
-Fully-operational redstone and command block mechanics make for a smooth playing experience


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