Don’t have money to buy Nintendo Switch ? Don’t need to because now Zelda Breath of the Wild is available on Minecraft.

Minecraft Zelda Breath of the Wild map adaptation is one of the best map made based of the game and it plays exactly the same as the original video game.

This is an open-world adventure map. Explore the world , do the quest and wanders around in the open world as Link, whose aims is to help Zelda.

Creator: Kiptrix
Client Version: 1.12

The map covers “Great Plateau” and its surrounding area including areas that was shown in development source of the original game but was scrapped from the end game itself.

You get the small village, the plateau , the ogre monsters and the chicken too. Watch the trailer map to get more information.

Map needs to be run on PC that’s capable of running 16 chunks and 30-60 fps. Otherwise you feel pretty lagg-ish.

Map supports single-player only.


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