Minecraft-Survival Games 5 Map

The fun in this map depends on how you play it however the terrain design, the buildings, the atmosphere is top notch

The map is based on New York city engulfed by massive snow and the world is limited within a dome . The sea has become pile of ice taking every living creatures within. No machine will work under this massive pile of snow . You cannot get out .. Will you be able to survive this cold world ?

Genre Minecraft Survival, Minecraft PvP
Developer Vareide


  • This is a pvp map
  • At least 10 player is needed
  • All player must gather at the waiting platform then host can start the game
  • You either loot all supplies or run to the exit

How to install the Survival Games 5 Map for Minecraft 1.4.7 and 1.5

  1. Download and the Survival Games 5 Map for Minecraft 1.4.7
  2. Set up a server, via port forwarding or by using Hamachi.
  3. Open the downloaded map zip file, and drag the world file into your server file (Make sure to rename the world name under properties in your server folder)
  4. Run the server, and  setup the match.
  5. Finished. test your survival skills.

Developed by Vareide


Minecraft Survival Game 5 Download


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