This Minecraft custom map Has Fully wired Cornucopia, it is reset-able and now with toggle-able countdown timer which can be set and started from the game-masters building. The doors will remain open til the timer is started. Admins can start the game without breaking block or using fly mods/ hacks.

Genre Minecraft Survival , Minecraft Adventure

The map is designed for a maximum of 24 players and has loaded chests scattered about the map which also has booby traps. The maps has standard glass dome that has become something expected for these kind of maps and the dome is big enough with a radius of around 250 blocks. Overall the map allows for exciting fast paced game-play.

Rules To Play That Can Be broken

  • No Flying/ Speed hacks
  • Only break leaf blocks, vines and mushrooms
  • No placing blocks, Other than water/lava buckets
  • Teams Are Allowed but only one player may win
  • Have Fun and play fair

Hunger Games V2 is made by Wasted49



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