You’re a wizard Harry and so you will attend the Minecraft Hogwarts map!

Minecraft Hogwarts map is like it’s name, a full map of Hogwarts wizardly school that was attended by Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Wiesley.

You are lucky enough as you get to explore the whole wizardly castle that Harry roams around in Minecraft.

Creator jstoeckm2 , Poolie
Client Version1.14.4

The map includes all places mention in books and Harry Potter movie such as Hagrid’s Hut, Hospital Wing, Slytherin Dorm, Griffindor Dorm , Dumbledore’s office, Quidditch Field, The Great Hall, Bathroom and many more.

It’s not only places and buildings features in this map, there’s also spells that you can use in which you have to test yourself once you play the map because I’m not telling 😛

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