Herobrine’s Return is the sequel of Herobrine’s Mansion. This adventure map features a bunch of 1.5 goodies! Recommended players: 1 to 3

Genre Minecraft Adventure

Herobrine’s Return Adventure Map Features

  • No mods required
  • About 8 unique boss fights
  • Custom Spell Animations Npcs
  • Scripted Events
  • Redstone/Spawners/NBT edited features
  • Customized monsters
  • Special Shop
  • Unique items
  • Side quests
  • Story line by command blocks
  • Around 2 hours of gameplay


Important Client Settings

  • Smooth Lighting OFF
  • Clouds OFF

Important Server Settings
If you miss any of these settings, it will bug.

  • allow-flight=true
  • spawn-animals=true
  • enable-command-block=true
  • view-distance=15
  • spawn-npcs=true

Extra Rules

  • Do not use beds
  • Do not break blocks unless told to
  • Do not craft


Minecraft Herobrine’s Return Map
Herobrines Return by Hypixel – Release Edition V1.0 1.5 mirror


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