Minecraft Epic Jump Map: Sprint Part 1


Here’s another Minecraft Epic Jump Map from bodil4o. It’s a unique Sprint Jump map where there is no signs or any obstacle to stop you from running. If you think of yourself as a parkour ninja pro then show your ability in one go!

Genre: Parkour
Developer: bodil40

The name “Sprint Jump” came from the custom magic items of trampoline blocks which will make you jump higher than you ever been before. The whole theme is different from previous series, previous series focused on parkour movement and get to the end line fast while Sprint focuses more in running and jumping. Although deadlox did say you still need to finish the course as soon as possible.

Try not to fall and challenge your maneuvering skills to defeat the whole course faultlessly. The good news is if you ever fall down, Sprint allows you to fly back at point of falling.

Just like any other minecraft epic jump map series, the scenery is beautiful and every textures are custom made by deadlox, bodil40 and skydoesminecraft.

The intense experience in its game-play is perfect for those who wanted something new . I urge you to not think and wait, just proceed to epic jump map download below

click on video to go bodil4o official youtube channel


– Don’t break or place any blocks
– Play in creative
– Don’t avoid plates
– Your Score is emerald!
– Play with the required texture pack (download link is below map’s download link)
– If you’re playing the map on a server, make sure to ENABLE command blocks!


EJM Sprint Part1 Fix2


Sprint Texture pack


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