Minecraft Epic Jump Map : Christmas Troll edition is a Parkour, Adventure, Action custom map by bodil40.

Like the name this map is about trolls taking control of your Christmas eve with annoying jokes and trolling obstacle to annoy you. Troll had sneak in your house and took away every gift and it’s your job to chase and capture him !

Although this is posted in the wrong season, it is fun enough for me to share it here. Not to mention it has super fantastic custom graphic and details. We have snow, reindeer , santa’s house, christmas candy , christmas tree and a lot more.

I think it is safe to say that troll is another version of Grinch 😛

GenreMinecraft Parkour, Minecraft Adventure
Developer bodil40


– Don’t break or place any blocks
– Play on Normal difficulty or above
– You are allowed to break red/white/green wool
– Your Score is ghast tears
– Read all the signs!
– If you’re playing the map on a server, make sure to ENABLE command blocks!




Minecraft EJM Christmas Texture Pack
Minecraft Epic Jump Map Christmas Trolling


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