Minecraft Epic Jump Map Butter Edition

Fast pace and fun

Epic Jump Map Butter edition is now one of the most popular map downloaded all over the world!

Genre: Parkour/Adventure
Client Version: 1.7.9
Developer: SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox,bodil40

Squid has now controlled the world and kidnapped deadlox. Ever since he conquered the world, the world has been defile with corruption and rotting.. Therefore 2 heroes, Majestic Butterific and SkyDoesMinecraft decided that they will fix this world and help deadlox. Will you join them?

So why are they the most popular custom map right now? It’s because of its unique game-play, colorful world and storyline. Its genre is parkour, action, and adventure which means there is a lot of maneuvering jumps that requires player experience and skills. Map is large, fun with beautiful terrains and things to explore with scenery for your eyes to feast on.

Minecraft Epic jump map butter edition is available for single player and multi-player up to 4 people.

Current version is suitable minecraft 1.8, 1.7.5, 1.7.2, 1.6.2 and 1.5.2 or any latest version. Truthfully it doesn’t have any version restriction as it does not need forge or mcpatcher.

You are required to use sky butter edition texture pack which is included below. Without the texture pack you’ll be missing on the butterifix texture experience.

– You are not allowed to break or place any blocks
– The game must be played on Normal difficulty or above
– Your Score is BUTTER
– Do read all the signs!
– Play with the required texture pack (download link is below )
– If you’re playing the map on a server, make sure to ENABLE command blocks!

This map is PERFECT for unique COOP Fun/Hate!


Sky Butter Texture Pack Download 1.7.x above


Sky Butter Edition Download 1.7.x above


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